Transport & Handling Hydraulic Equipments for Textiles

Model : TBL-101
Warp Beam Trolley


Technocraft Warp Beam Trolleys are...


Ideal for lifting & transporting warp beam from floor & to pat it on loom. Available in different width & lifting capacity.

Model : TBG-106
Pile Beam Mounting Trolley


Useful for handling pile beam (Top Beam) for terry towel & furnishing fabric unit. The trolley is ideal for lifting the pile from floor & to put it on loom. The lifting operation by heavy duty electro-hydraulic power pack unit. The width of trolley can be adjusted (Narrow / Wide) as per the width of loom. Suitable for loom width from 200 cm to 380 cm. Beam flange diameter from 800 mm to 1250 mm & lifting capacity up to 2500 kg.